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    • Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program ( ICAP ) Forum
      The Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP) addresses ‘Intercultural Understanding’ as specified in the Australian Curriculum as a General Capability for all students, reflecting the growing diversity and accelerated cultural shifts now taking place in society. This 16-week sequential program was created to enable students to develop interpersonal skills and cultural empathy, becoming leaders in their community for intercultural understanding.
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    • 1 month, 1 week ago

      Amalia Olive

    • Joko’s World Forum
      Joko's World is a suite of digital learning tools which incorporate music, history, geography and culture. At the centre of the suite is a blue nightingale called Joko. Joko travels to different countries to show students musical instruments and cultural events.
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    • 1 month ago

      Elijah Jackets

    • Mungo Explorer Forum
      Lake Mungo is home to the oldest human remains in Australia, and the oldest ritual burials in the world. Through the disciplines of science, geology and archaeology students are provided with a 'window to Australia's past.'
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    • 2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Jack Adams

    • Sound Infusion Forum
      Sound Infusion is a mind blowing archive of royalty-free sound clips from an array of the world’s most culturally precious instruments and diverse musical traditions. With about 50 lesson plans and cultural information resources, also included is a mammoth library of more than 5000 sound samples.
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