The Effects of Growing Media Characteristics On Water & Nutrients

  • October 8, 2021 at 9:28 am #3138

    The growing media has a mixture of components. The characteristics of the media have effects on water and nutrients. The ratio you set and the height of the media all play a role in ensuring the stable growth of the plants. Here is a thing to remember, never add fertilizer when your agriculture growing media is wet. Moreover, do avoid getting bagged commercial growing media as well. The experts advise that one should put on a dust mask when working on dry peat moss. If a person inhales the materials he may be subjected to severe consequences. Moreover, do test the pH of the media and its wettability. To make your media perform well and act as an efficient medium for the plants you must do one thing before filling the plug trays, add water to the peat-based mixes. This will help in adding better aeration. Do you find the information helpful?

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